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Affordable Beach Vacation Real Estate On Bolivar Peninsula

Villas at Rollover Bay is the newest neighborhood on the Texas Bolivar Peninsula coast, putting its own spin on island living. This coastal community proudly boasts affordable prices, drivable beaches, walkable beach access, family fun amenities, RV/boat parking, brand new construction villas, in house lending options, and unmatched value. 

The mission behind the Villas project is to empower the every-day working American with the ability to invest in vacation real estate on the Bolivar Peninsula at an affordable cost; to give owners the ability to share memorable experiences with their friends and family. 

Our Villas

Most Affordable New Homes On Bolivar Peninsula "Gulf Coast" Area

Our Location

Just a 300 yard walk to 27 miles of Public Drivable Beach

The Villas are conveniently located on the East side of Bolivar Peninsula, just 2 minutes East of Rollover Pass. Sitting just 90 minutes Southeast of Houston, Bolivar Peninsula is perfect for a weekend or day trip on a single tank of gas. Whether you enjoy fishing, hunting, boating, surfing, birding, or even just relaxing – Villas at Rollover Bay can offer you your own little version of paradise with minimal travel.  

Located just East of Galveston Island, Bolivar Peninsula can be reached via ferry from its Western side, or by taking Interstate 10 to Highway 124 on the Eastern side. Whether traveling from Houston (1.5 hours), Beaumont (1 hour), San Antonio, Austin, or Dallas (4-5 hours), your weekend trip to Villas at Rollover Bay is bound to be one to remember.  

Drive your vehicle onto the boat ferry and take the near 3-mile cruise to Galveston Island in less than half an hour. This free ferry service is provided 24/7 by the Texas Department of Transportation and with new ferries being added to the fleet, it’s now more efficient than ever. 

Just a 5-minute walk or 2-minute ride from Villas at Rollover Bay, the beach is located a mere 300 yards away. Drive your car, golf cart, or bike straight down Johnson Street which dead ends into the 27 miles of drivable beach Bolivar Peninsula has to offer.